WholeflowLab: Social Research Through the Arts. Directing, Devising, Choreography


The ability to temporarily suspend the self in order to experience and then include another world view enables more intelligent choice making in the development of selves, and social systems.
Social structures and constructs are extensions of human internal structures and constructs. When one experiences varied internal structures in the first person then open, empathic conversation becomes possible and non-fear based actions and choices present themselves for consideration. By experiencing the motivating factors of different individuals we can understand the otherwise impenetrable “why” of differences in belief and behavior.

If we can impartially empathize with divergent internal constructs (perspectives) then maybe we can find the most useful aspects in our varried social constructs and synthesize them to create a better society, develop more effective rehabilitation methods, organization structures, and cross-cultural relations. We can experience another person’s point of view and from that vantage point we can better understand where we overlap, where we differ and why. We can then make take the most helpful aspects of all points of view, merging them into a new course of intelligent action. Revealing people and society, what each can be, and how they co-create each other.

WholeflowLab creates work that explores the plasticity of meaning and identity. Interested in both facilitating and exploring empathy and culture building, WholeflowLab uses all artistic mediums to explore the dynamics and qualities of human experience and interaction.

Grounded in the premise ‘if actors can empathize with anyone, anyone can,’ WholeflowLab engages artists, scientists and others to ask “how plastic are we?” “what happens to us when we inhabit someone else’s skin?”

Projects conducted by WholeflowLab use the performing and visual arts to investigate the dynamics of human interaction, empathy, identity and perception.

wholeflow lab philosophy

“To flourish, living systems must be more than just organized. They must be dynamic. Systems must constantly move and change if they are to carry out their functions and maintain their integrity and their interrelations with other functioning systems. A system that becomes static—unable to change and adapt to varying conditions—will quickly perish. Social, psychological, or biological systems must be able to stretch the limits of their current patterns of organization, and even to actively guide and reorganize the relations that constitute their structure.” -Kurt Fischer

“A great many people think they are thinking when they are merely rearranging their prejudices.”-William James

All of the ways we are -being, thinking, feeling, doing, speaking- are related to and affect the others. By purposefully experiencing new ways of being, thinking, feeling, doing, and speaking we can shifts the neuronal firings of the brain, creating new patterns of neuronal activity, biochemicals and hormones.

“Minds are not merely brains that happen to be in bodies. People’s minds are parts of their bodies, and their mind-bodies act, think, and feel in a world of objects and other people.”-Kurt Fischer


12th NIGHT                                                    US, THEM, YOU, AND ME

choreography                                                devising

12th Night 5                                IMG_3530 - Copy


directing/adapting                                                 staging/choreography

IMG_8047                                  Human Comedy 7

THREE DAYS OF RAIN                                     BELIEF PROJECT: Funhouse Mirrors 


3DR-06                       Screenshot 2015-05-05 21.40.16

BELIEF PROJECT: Glorious Cobwebs

WANDERLUST                                                        DUST TO DUST

choreography/devising                                       performance/devisingScreenshot 2015-05-05 21.42.14                      Dust to Dust 3

Wanderlust was the recipient of the following 2011 Planet Connections Theatre Festivity Awards:

Outstanding Production of a Musical or Play with Music
Outstanding Choreography
Outstanding Performance by a Supporting Actress in a Musical (Cydney McQuillan-Grace)
Outstanding Costume Design


CoMOTION                                                THE SNOW WHITE PROJECT

choreography                                                   performance/devising 

 CoMotion                     Screenshot 2015-05-12 16.06.52


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