. Movement Theater Percussion, choreographed for Blessed Unrest with the NYU Percussion Department.

Projects conducted by WholeflowLab use the performing and visual arts to investigate the dynamics of human interaction, empathy, identity and perception.

Excerpt from Wanderlust
this piece was created through interacting with multiple indoor and outdoor, site specific location: some with staircases, some flat, on concrete roofs, on hills with grass and trees. bending our perception of the limitations of space. co-choreographed and made in collaboration with The Movement Workshop Group.this dancetheater piece explores a woman’s relationship to her many selves.)

Projects conducted by WholeflowLab use the performing and visual arts to investigate the dynamics of human interaction, empathy, identity and perception.

Excerpt from Wanderlust

For The Movement Workshop Group:

Meeting Him/Mourning Him. Performed by Kim Wutkiewicz

2011                I’m Always Here With Me: Meeting Him/I’m Always Here With Me: Mourning Him
Technique: Exploring the pedestrian movements of a woman getting dressed as dance
Choreographing without music then setting to music
Using popular music to create post-performance feedback
Costume, props, set
Purpose:    To explore how form creates meaning in
Through association with music in another
environment, to awaken audience to their own movements as dance.
To tell the story of a woman getting dressed for a first date and then getting dressed for a funeral with the man she married
Performed in conjunction with Wanderlust, Boston
2008-2010         Wanderlust, Movement Workshop Group
Technique: Multi-site workshopping (a hill, a roof, stairs, railings, stage) of movement
Exploration of Archetypes
Purpose:    To explore how set archetypes interact to create form, relationships and story
To explore how movement created in one physical space translates to another
To communicate a clear story of the Damsel engaging with Passion, Control,God, Angel and Love
Toured: Boston, New York, Hamptons
2009                Comotion, Blessed Unrest Theater Co. and NYU Percussion Dept
Technique: Use of percussion as melody
Group and Solo Improvisation
Purpose:    To explore the emotionality of percussion
To incorporate disparate elements like Beckett’s Quad and Thiery de Mey’s      Table Music into a cohesive piece about death
Performed at the Frederick Lowe Theater, NY
Other pieces were created at Skidmore College, Brookline High School and for professional productions
2008                Moontides, The Movement Workshop Group, Touring

2007                Dust to Dust, The Movement Workshop Group, Boston
Principal Dancer

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