“Eliza’s warm and enthusiastic style made me not only excited about acting but excited about living. More than an acting class it was a life class, getting to know ourselves in a way we never imagined.”

“Mingling a love for intellectual rigor with the spirit of curiosity, Eliza challenged me to see the world, and myself, through new lenses. She is deeply intuitive, able to see and respond to the unique needs of the people around her. You could call Eliza a movement coach. You could call her a director, or a teacher. But in the end, through her remarkable sensitivity to expression, Eliza is a guide, who provides spaces for her students to become more alive.”

“It is amazing how a few exercises taught by a good teacher can make you understand things and even understand other people and relate with them, even if they’re strangers. After Eliza’s class, my way of thinking and of course my way of acting completely changed, it’s unbelievable how noticing your movements and noticing your body can really make a change in you and in others.”

“I entered in class to become a better actor and I went out of there like a better person. Because know I’m able to create a character based on observing other people but without judging. I can relate the body to the feelings and create a personality based on the person problems background etc. So now if a person is angry or with too much feelings and can try to understand without any judgment and I learned all this with a wonderful not just teacher, but person.”

“From day one, Eliza gave us tools to easily channel our way into characters, using fun exercises and challenging assignments to apply our lessons to a practical situation. Each day she brought a new technique to class while simultaneously encouraging us to incorporate what we had previously learned. Able to meet each student at their level, Eliza managed a class containing a wide range of skill and experience level with ease. While exuding a strong sense of self, she possesses an openness that draws students near. Eliza is truly an inspiring teacher who loves her students and desires to see them grow in their craft and reach for their stars, whatever they may be.”

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