Empathic Action Overview

Empathic Action Curriculum Overview

Physical and Sensory Awareness Through movement exercises and observation we explore how engagement and interaction with the skeletal body effects the emotional and psychological inner experience. We generate/brainstorm and internalized qualities (light, dark, clean, open etc.) and centers and noticed the physical effects on our internal experience. Through inner atmospheres, centers and a variety of other techniques we increase awareness and creativity, rendering our physical selves more accessible to curious mining in character creation and interpersonal understanding. We apply these tools of empathy to embody strangers, texts of speeches, newspaper articles and a variety of other sources. We engage fictional characters and real people, through improvisation embodying both and noting our responses.

Vocal Awareness We engage breath, tone and articulation awareness. We marry the physical qualities of the sensory/skeletal awareness with their vocal counterparts through improvisation. We listen to and reflected on a variety of fictional and actual voices. We explore the experiential implications of emphasizing consonants, vowels, verbs, adjectives and pronouns.

Relationships and Story Through improvisation and observation we learn how to create, identify, deepen and clarify fictional relationships. We continue to clarify qualities vs. moods and objective (happenings) vs. subjective (assumptions) point of views. We learned how back-stories inform selfhood and look at back-stories from an objective and subjective perspective. We engage the interface of internal and external atmospheres noting how they affect experience.

Actions and Motivations We explore objectives, tactics and actions through improvisation. We embody thought structures and belief systems and note their corresponding internal and external actions. We look super-objectives, moment to moment objectives, tactics, actions, and micro-actions as well as psychological gesture.

Mindfulness Tools that cultivate: Curiosity. Concentration. Fine-tuning awareness of the relationship of the self to the world. Developing the ability to respond instead of react. Awakening the ability to see the objective reality and subjective experience simultaneously. Increasing choice making.

For information about private session and workshops in The Empathic Action Acting Method: elizarryan@gmail.com

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