Workshops and Private Sessions

Workshops and Private Sessions:

“Eliza will bring you to a higher level of your craft”- Amy

-Character Creation Workshop
Develop a toolkit for character creation to use in auditions and rehearsal. Upcoming Spring 2014 3 hour workshop Date TBD To Pre-reserve or inquire email

-Scene Study through Devising Workshop
Develop a more nuanced approach to scene work through improvisation. Upcoming Spring 2014 Date TBD 3 hour workshop To Pre-reserve or inquire email

-Acting for Theater: Private Sessions 80.00

-Acting for Film: Private Sessions 80.00

Schedule a Private Session
Mondays and Fridays:

-Community/Team Building: Learn how to understand a person whose viewpoint differs vastly from your own from the inside out. Employing the tools of empathic action and mindfulness you will fully inhabit the perspective of others to forge stronger communities.
-Communication: Learn to communicate effectively and read other people in a nuanced non-judgmental way.
-Creativity: Learn tools which allow you to re-perceive any situation or idea so new possibilities continually present themselves.

Customized workshops for groups:

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