Acting Resume

    Company Member/Training Company Member Affiliations

The Objective Theater Company NY
(co-founder, company member)
Way Theater Artists BOSTON
(co-founder, company member)
The Movement Workshop Group NY
(resident choreographer, educational director, company member)
Blessed Unrest Theater Company NY
(resident choreographer, training company member)
Stanislavsky Theater Studio DC
(company member, musical director)

Acting Experience
Production  : 
Character  :   Company/Director

Phaedra’s Love  :  Phaedra  :  The Objective / Jonathan Whitton
Amelia  :  Athena  :  Manhattan Theatersource
Putting it Together  :  Kimberly/Melba : Manhattan Theatersource
Snow White Project  :  Snow White : Catherine Bay

Apple :  Sam  :  Phoenix Theater Artists/Greg Maraio

Impossible Things :  Mary Anne  :  Imaginary Beasts/Matt Woods
A Hard Heart  :  Praxis  :  Whistler in the Dark/ Richard Romagnoli
Love-Lies-Bleeding  :  Lia  : Way Theater Artists/Greg Maraio
The Reindeer Monologues  :  Vixen  :  The X-Mas Project /Jacki Davis
The Autumn Hours  :  Arianette  :  11:11 Productions/Benji Scherm
Dancing At Lughnasa  :  Chris  :  Way Theater Artists/Greg Maraio
Sacred Hearts  :  Bridget  :  Zeitgeist Stage Co. /David Miller
The Tempest  :   Ariel  :  11:11 Productions/Jon Ferriera
Enchanted April  :  Lady Bramble  :  AFD/ Kevin Mark Kline
Gorilla Man  :  Alice  :  Boston Theaterworks/Kevin Mark Kline
Flesh and Blood  :  Magda  :  Zeitgeist Stage Co. /David Miller
Yellow Ribbons  :  Marilyn  :  11:11 Productions/Brian Tuttle
The Ocean Room  :  Blue Ellen   :  11:11 Productions/Brian Tuttle
Our Hearts As Fiction  :  Elizabeth  :  11:11 Productions/Greg Maraio
Under Her Umbrella  :  Feven  :  11:11 Productions/Brian Tuttle
Fathers and Sons  :  Katya/Fedka  :   Stanislavsky Theater Studio/Andrei Malaev-Babel

The Shoemaker’s Wife  :  Black Neighbour  :  STS/Scott Fielding

Festivals: Fever Fest 2007; Boston Theater Marathon 2006-2008; SlamBoston 2007 (winning production)

Moontides in 23, 149 Parts  :  Cirrostratus  :   Movement Wkshp Group
CoMotion  :  Mother  :  Blessed Unrest Theater
Dust to Dust  :  Principal  :  Movement Wkshp Group
CoMotion; Blessed Unrest Theater
Wanderlust; Movement Wkshp Group

Production  :  Character  :   Company/Director

The Oblique Sector  :  The Waitress  :  Albion Park Productions
Amy/Brian  :  Amy  :  Chris Villages
Lonely Hearts  :  Anna  :  Ying Xu
HelloSimon  :  Rebecca  :  Arabian Productions
The Courier  :  Margot (Lead)  :  Red Fez Productions
Street Players
  :   Waitress  :  Road Rambler Productions

Skidmore College, Theater with Acting Concentration (Magna Cum Laude; Acting Prize)
Training : 8/8 On Camera Technique, Dani Super, Michael Chekhov, Sarah Kane,
Voiceover Technique, Jordan Rich, Alexander Technique for Singers, Debi Adams, Musical Theater Workout, Kimberly Vaughn
Special Skills: Tennis, Yoga, Running, Singing, Linklater Vocal Technique, Modern Dance, Viewpoints, Choreography, Acting Instruction (New York Film Academy).
Dialects: Northern Irish, British, French (semi-fluent), Southern.